Stafford Betty@Huff Post: The Looming Divorce Between Religion and the Afterlife

The Search For Life After Death

Dr. Stafford Betty is a Professor of religious studies at California State University, Bakersfield.  You might also know him as the author of several fantastic books about the afterlife, such as The Afterlife Unveiled: What the Dead are Telling Us About Their World and Heaven and Hell Unveiled: Updates From The Spirit World

Recently, Dr. Betty has written an article for The Huffington Post called ‘The Looming Divorce Between Religion and the Afterlife’that discusses the growing belief in the afterlife despite the statistical decline of participation in organized religion.

Dr. Betty cites an interesting study that was done by Professor Jean Twenge of San Diego State University that shows how this belief in the afterlife is rising amongst millennials, despite their decidedly low participation in religion.  Twenge attributes this fact (most arrogantly, I would add) to the idea that millennials feel ‘entitled’ to get something (in this case, the…

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